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How to create a project from start to the end
How to direct the respondent to the Google listing?
How to direct the respondent to the Google listing?

How to get an opinion on Google Reviews.

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1. Go to the Create-->Survey setting tab and change the project to a test.

2. In the Questions tab in the NPS question, add points to the promoters' answers.

One point each for responses 9 and 10:

3. Next, go to the Create -> Feedback.

4. We add a new area, for example: promoters

5. After selecting ADD NEW AREA, add its name and check the boxes next to answers 9 and 10 and save the change.

6. Go back to the SETTINGS -> Feedback tab and select the button Add new feedback. In it, we add its name, for example: Promoters, and set the logic on the basis of which the given information is to be displayed to the respondent.

So, in the first field, select the previously created feature (Promoters), where the TOTAL POINTS is EQUAL - NUMBER = 1. Which means that the information will be shown to the respondent on the thank you page when he / she gets 1 point from the test. And this option will be available when he chooses answer 9 or 10 in the NPS question.

In the text editor, we add our own content with a link to a Google Business Card. At the end we Save.

If you want your link to be in the form of a hyperlink, you should select the link in the text editor and choose the option "insert edit link"

Then, in place of the URL field, type the address of the page.

Finally, save the change with the SAVE button.

7. By an analogy to point 6 we add feedback for all of the other respondents who scored no points in the test.

8. The last step is to go to the Create tab. Then we scroll to the thank you page. Next, delete the thank you text and add the [FEEDBACK] macro.

9. In the end, people who will answer 9 and 10 will receive such a thank you screen.

10. People who were not promoters will see this thank you screen.

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