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How to create a project from start to the end
How to collect the results of one survey in the case of many similar studies?
How to collect the results of one survey in the case of many similar studies?

How to create a questionnaire for a lot of similar studies.

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It happens that we need to conduct a dozen or so studies with the same structure and we have to perform a collective and detailed analysis depending on the type of study.

An example of such a project may be a training evaluation questionnaire - in most cases the questions for each study are the same, then we only care about the information for which the evaluation was given.

Thanks to the Startquestion platform, you can limit the number of open projects to one collective one with a simple instruction.

In order to create such a test, it is necessary to:

  1. Create a questionnaire on the platform that is sent to people after the training.

  2. Take the link to the survey from the Collect tab -> Link to survey.

  3. To the indicated link, the external_key parameter should be attached at the end of the link to the research as follows:
    In the [VALUE] field, enter the training ID containing the characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, excluding special characters.

Let's assume our training has the ID SAL2020. The survey link will look like this:

The crafted link should be sent to people who participated in the SAL2020 training.

People who fill in this questionnaire will have such attributes:

If you want to send a link to people participating in another training, you should change the value of the external_key parameter to a different training code.

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