If you want the respondent to receive confirmation of completing the survey and all the answers in the text of the message appear in it, go to the SETTINGS -> E-mail after completion tab. In the text editor, we select Tags, which include, among others, all the questions which we added earlier in the survey.

Choosing the data from the list that interest us in the content of the e-mail after filling in, they are added in the following form, for example: [ANS_ID_10983048]

When the respondent receives a confirmation e-mail, he will receive such a message, where the previously selected dynamic content will be replaced by the data which has been added and completed in the questionnaire.

Important: Please note that the feature of the confirmation messages is only available if the questionnaire includes a question for an e-mail address or if the survey has the access by personal link for each respondents and you send invitations using the option "Send to e-mail".

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