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An SMS confirming the completion of the survey
An SMS confirming the completion of the survey
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Some studies require the control of the number of fillings, who completed the survey, or the time the results were received in the system. The confirmation of completing the questionnaire may traditionally be sent to the e-mail address provided by the user. However, this is not the only option. The Startquestion platform gives you the opportunity to receive a confirmation by an SMS to your phone number. You can also decide that not you, but the specified respondent will receive such confirmation.

How to set an SMS confirmation for filling?

Sending information via SMS is possible thanks to webhooks, or more precisely, it is one of the possibilities offered by sending alerts using a webhook.

How do you set up such an alert?

In the Create --> Alerts and webhooks tab, you can configure in turn:

1. Alert name → Only yours

2. The moment of checking the alert → After being completed by the respondent

3. The alert condition → New fill

4. Sending channel → Send as webhook

The webhook address is dictated by and looks as follows:

Call: GET{appKey}/{to}/{from}/{message}/{bulkVariant}

For messages sent in the "BASIC model", an alternative method has been prepared, which allows sending the message using the GET method with a smaller number of calling parameters.

Call: GET{appKey}/{to}/{message},where:to- in the phone number of the user to whom the SMS is addressedmessage- the body of the message

In the GET method, for correct handling of special characters, the message should be encoded using UTF-8 and URL encoding.

The just send API documentation is available at this link. The beginning of the link will always be the same:

"appKey" is a unique value that you have in in the My Account tab after logging into the panel.

The "to" value is a unique ID query number for a telephone number - the query for a telephone number should be selected from the Data list

Please remember that the ID of the question is a unique value in each questionnaire

The value "from" is the name of the sender - whatever name you enter here will be displayed to the recipient

The value of the "message" is the content of the sent SMS.

The text you want to send to the respondents should be changed into a link, you can use a ready-made text-to-url converter

For example, the text: “Thank you for completing the survey. Your discount code is SURVEY"

It will take the value:


Only such a text should be placed in the url of the webhook that we are preparing.

The value of the buldVariant is the type of service that you bought at, in our case it will be premium.

Our webhook will assume the value:[ANSWER_ID_7021123]/

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