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Linking the survey results to Google Analytics
Linking the survey results to Google Analytics
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Google Analytics is currently a standard in the field of web analytics. Millions of owners and specialists managing websites use it on a regular basis to know what is happening on their websites. While the solution works great for answering the question: WHAT is happening on my site, it doesn't say WHY it is happening this way and not otherwise. Only by combining the quantitative data on website traffic with the declarative data collected by the survey tool, we will get a full picture of the situation. Startquestion allows you to send the answers obtained in the surveys to Google Analytics in a very simple way, enabling GA data segmentation based on the data from the Startquestion.

The most common use cases are:

· the segmentation of users and traffic analysis based on the reasons for visiting the website,

· user segmentation and traffic analysis based on the satisfaction level with the visit,

· user segmentation and traffic analysis based on age, gender, city size and other demographic data,

· user segmentation and traffic analysis based on any declarative data (for example, the company's products or knowledge of the company's offer),

· asking for a keyword that was entered in Google before entering the website,

· checking the effectiveness of various sources of traffic to the website with the questionnaire.

How do I send data from surveys to my profile in Google Analytics?

1. In the first step, configure the data connection by going to the "Account" -> "Settings" tab, and then "Integrations".

2. The configuration consists of entering the tracking ID of the UA account in Google Analytics to which the data will be sent. You can find the identifier in your Google Analytics panel by going to the Administration and Service settings.

3. Additionally, your website's main domain address is required.

4. The last step is to define that we want to send Google Analytics the data from this particular survey. After saving the above configuration, an item "Send user responses to Google Analytics" will appear in the survey settings, which you should select.

How will the data be transmitted and displayed in Google Analytics?

Two types of data will be sent to the GA: the survey responses and page views of the survey page. The responses are sent as events, and the content of the questions as Event categories. The response content is sent as Event actions. On the other hand, the address of the survey website is a derivative of its title (for example, / survey-satisfaction-from-using-the-website) and is available in the Pages report.


· It is necessary to use Universal Analytics for a proper operation.

· In order to combine the responses provided in the survey with other data from Google Analytics, the survey has to be embedded in the same internet domain on which the Google Analytics account was created.

What should be remembered?

· You can submit responses both from the surveys and from widgets.

· Setting up the integration in the "Account Settings" will not automatically send all of the responses from each survey to Google Analytics. It is necessary to select such an option in the "Survey Settings". This is because it turns out that we will not always want to send the data collected in a particular survey.

· At the moment, the answers to the following question types can be submitted to Google Analytics: single choice, multiple choice, open, NPS, form, drop-down list, date question, number question and email questions.

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