If you intend to pay for your account during the trial period, you are probably wondering what will happen to the unused trial period.

Let's assume that after the first day of using the trial period, you have a survey and have collected over 30 results in it. You only see the first 20 fillings in this situation. The rest are waiting for your account to be paid. Hence, you decide to pay.

Click Account -> Pay

You select a period:

and now you are wondering from when will these two months you are buying count.

The answer is:

Your billing period is counted from the moment your payment is credited to our account (in the case of a pro-forma invoice).

This is because from now on you can use all of the analytical tools for all of the collected data.

If you want to collect data for as long as possible, and you can postpone the data analysis, then plan the first payment at the end of the trial period.

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