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New survey style
New survey style
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Design ready for 2022

Your respondents do it in different places. At the bus, metro, on their way to work, in the traffic jam, in the waiting room or during meetings.

Yes. Circumstances where we are completing surveys have changed dramatically in recent years. Now almost 7 out of 10 completions comes from mobile and larger desktop sizes are also on the rise. Every one of your responders is expecting great experience.

We need to confess to something... In Startquestion we are all like gymnasts. We balance our work to increase your satisfaction as survey creators and work to increase experience of your respondents. For long we have been focusing on the app and the interface, optimizing different UI areas and introducing more features. In those times, we have not been improving survey experience and your respondents deserve best as well.

It's all in the past now.

Our main thought, when we went to sleep and woke up next morning, was: Let's design survey experience that will feel pleasant - not like responsibility. Cause less fatigue means higher quality data collected.
We rolled up our sleeves and got to the drawing board. We created couple of version and tested our ideas on different devices, polishing interaction and UI. We showed new templates to users and built on their feedback. We experimented a lot and now we're proudly able to show you the result: new survey style and new templates. Much more modern, beautiful and easier to complete. We've also seen improved response rates from few to several dozen percent and shorter times to complete.

Internally we think of Startquestion as our common child. It's more than work. We know it may sound like cliche, but we cannot help it. With every child growing up, parents are always full of positive emotions. And of course behind every project, there are key people: Kuba our main designer and Adam frontend engineer responsible for layout and interactions. We are so excited to show you our work and can't wait for your feedback

How can I use the new design?

Start by going to new survey Design section

When you were using default Startquestion theme

Default Startquestion themes have been changed automatically, so if you have been using default theme, there is no action required from you

When you were using own theme or gallery theme

We have duplicated all your custom themes and gallery themes you've been using and applied new style to them. When you go to the Design section, you will find this message in all old themes:

Just click Go to a new style to see the preview of new theme. If you want to apply it, click Save. If you'd like to fine tune your new theme, of course you can do that using editor. Even when you apply new style to your survey, you can still go back to using classic style. Theme change won't affect collected results in any way.

What else is new style offering?

Besides new, more modern look, you get new personalization options. You can decide, if you want to display:

  • survey title

  • stars in required questions

  • only one question at the time on user screen (function currently in BETA)

Also adding background image is now more easier and the effects are just great.

What about "Custom CSS"?

If you have custom CSS implemented to current theme, it will not be migrated to new theme. Due to slightly changed code architecture, it might be required to modify your existing CSS a little in order to match new look (your agency or IT should help you with that). However since few of the most common custom CSS changes were those described in the above paragraph, which are now natively implemented in Startquestion, you might not need custom CSS at all.

I like the new style, but I have some comments

If you want to suggest change to the new look, we highly encourage you to send us feedback with a button available in Design section. All suggestions will be read & analyzed.

For how long classic styles will be available?

You can use the classic style until September 30, 2023. On October 1, all surveys using the classic style will be automatically changed to the new style.

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