Startquestion platform allows sharing your survey answers to other people with read-only accounts. That means you can create separate accounts for people that should not be allowed to change survey content, but need to explore and analyse collected survey completions.

Creating and managing read-only accounts

Read-only account can be created only when you contact our sales team and buy read-only slots.

When above-mentioned slots are already added to your account, you can go to Account tab -> Settings -> User accounts and create new account by clicking on "Add read-only account" button.

Sharing surveys with the read-only accounts

Created surveys could be shared with read-only accounts. You can do it by clicking the button "Invite" on the very top of the page:

After clicking that button you will see the section, that enables you to choose the mode of sharing you survey. You can choose one of the following modes:

  • read only - all results (all of the collected results are accessible to the read-only account user),

  • read only - result filter (only results that meet filtering criteria are shown)

Exploring survey completions through read-only account

After logging into read-only account users will see only surveys that are shared with them. Projects tab contains folder "Shared", that includes shared projects with information about the sharing mode and the survey owner.

You may notice that the read-only user panel is slightly different than the main user account - read-only accounts only have access to the RESULTS, REPORTS and DOWNLOAD CENTER tabs. Read-only accounts cannot access the tabs, that could affect the survey content or logic.

When the shared survey is shared in the "result filter" mode, read-only account user will see the proper information in the user panel:

Besides of that users may still create other filters, reports and explore the completed sheets that were shared with them.

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