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One of the main functions of the platform is the ability to generate files based on the responses of the users who took part in your study. These can be various types of reports, lists of respondents or raw data saved in various file formats.

We understand that each file generated on the basis of the study data may contain sensitive data about your company. Therefore, in we deal with the file Download Center.

Where is the Download Center located?

In the main menu on the left side of the screen there is a tab: "Download Center". All the files generated on the platform on your account are aggregated there. The files are stored on the server and ready for downloading for 7 days from the date of their generation. After this period, the information that the report or another file has been generated will still be visible in the "Download Center", but it will not be possible to download the file again.

Therefore, sending generated files to the e-mail boxes is also suspended. Thus, it will no longer be possible to order a file generation and send it to the e-mail address provided on the platform. Periodic reports are an exception to this rule - their distribution to the indicated addresses is still possible.

This solution is primarily aimed at even better protection of the data contained in the generated files. It has a significant impact not only on the protection of the confidential company information, but also increases the security of the personal data.

How does it work?

To obtain any file from the platform, log in to your user panel.

After sending a request to generate a file to the platform, the system will decide on its own whether it can generate it in real time. If the size and complexity of the data is so large that the generation can not take place here and now, the user will be informed about it.

In the first case, the browser's download of the file will start immediately, and it is the same as any other browser-downloaded file. After its completion, the file will be on the hard drive of your device. Additionally, the information about the generated file will be noted in the "Download Center", where the file will be available for re-download for 7 days. This solution ensures security (downloading the file can only take place after logging in to the platform), convenience (the file download process begins immediately after sending the request to the platform) and certainty (for 7 days you can return to the file and download it again in the "Download Center").

In the second case, the user will be prompted to start generating the file and be invited to visit the "Download Center". After going to the "Download Center" you will be able to track the status for each of your files. In this regard, the platform provides three states, visible in the "Status" column:

· Pending - file generation has not started yet,

· Generating - the file generation process is in progress,

· Ready - the file has been generated and is ready for downloading,

· Generating error - the file could not be generated, we recommend contacting the Support,

· Deleted by the system - the file was deleted from the servers after 7 days from its generation.

Additionally, after the file generation is completed, the platform will send an e-mail message confirming this fact along with an invitation to visit the "Download Center".

What will I see on the "Download Center" page?

In the "Download Center" you can find other files which you have generated while working on the Startquestion platform. The subsequent lines mean one file and are arranged chronologically. Those generated within the last 7 days will be ready for downloading, older ones will not have this option.

In each line you will find the following information about the given file (from left to right):

  • File name - defines the type of data the file contains, for example, "Report",

  • Source - specifies the place on the platform from which the file was requested to be generated,

  • Format - defines the format in which the file was generated,

  • Status - discussed above, defines the status of the file generation process,

  • Last update - date of the last status change,

  • Icons for downloading and removing items from the list.

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