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Thanks to the combination of the alert function and the SMSAPI service, you can configure the SMS alerts with a low satisfaction rating, or with any chosen filling in your survey.

To make it possible, to a special address created by SMSAPI Startquestion has to send an e-mail containing information about what content is to be sent in a text message, to which number and from which sender.

The following instructions will show you how to configure such messages for testing.

1. Create your NPS survey (creating a survey):

2. Create a filter which will allow you to find people who left a poor rating in the survey (filtering the results) - RESULTS -> Filters:

3. Create an alert based on a previously created filter (creating an alert):

4. Complete the form:

  • in the "Alert name" field define the name of the alert (for example, SMS critic),

  • in the "Sender" field, enter the login and password for the SMSAPI panel in the form of a login@passwordmd5 - you can generate the appropriate password here

  • in the "Addressees" field, enter the technical address for handling SMSAPI alerts -,

  • in the "Message" field, enter the content which can be interpreted by the SMSAPI mechanism in exactly the following form:

    from=Startquestion&to=(phone number)&message=Critic

    where in the "Startquestion" place we enter the sender previously defined in the SMSAPI panel (link here):

In the (telephone number) field, enter the number to which the message is to be sent, and in the "Critic" field, enter the text which is to be sent via SMS. The message can be extended with a dynamic content available in the message creator:

  • It is also important to disable the "Use message template" option.

The form should look like this:

After saving the changes and triggering an alert, your phone may receive negative notifications - so you can react faster.

We also invite you to read the SMSAPI documentation, where it describes how to generate a login and authorisation password - link here.

What to do if the integration does not work?

  • check if you have disabled the "use message template" option at the last stage of creating an alert - it is important that the message is correctly interpreted by the SMSAPI service

  • check if you have correctly defined the sender's name in SMSAPI and entered it correctly in the "from" field in the alert text.

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