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Following the voice of customer, we decided to add a new feature – Folders. From now on, you will be able to group your projects in a more convenient way.

What’s about to change, if I already have some projects?

If you are our customer and you have some projects on your account, you can find them in folders such as: Surveys, Tests, Widgets and Shared:

You will also be able to add new folders. It’s important that new projects can be put in any chosen folder.

Another thing worth knowing is that Archive will lose it’s status and become a folder that can be deleted. Alerts set for surveys, which are in archive, will become inactive, and Recurring reports from these surveys will change their status to „at the end of the study - change of the survey status to inactive”

I’m a new customer. How do folders work on my account?

As a new customer, you have one folder – My projects. All your projects appear there automatically. It is possible to add new folders and group your projects in any way you like.

Shared folder

In this folder you can find surveys, which were shared to you by other members of your team. You cannot delete this folder, or move surveys from it. This folder is always visible in the panel, even if there are no shared surveys.

Deleting folders

REMEMBER! While deleting a folder, you delete all surveys that are in it. If you want to save the projects and results, please move them to a different folder before deleting.

If you want to delete a folder, please click on the settings menu (three horizontal dots on the right):

And press Delete…; - after that, a validation window will appear:

Because of the fact that deleting a folder will irretrievably delete all surveys in it, along with the results, you are supposed to enter the name of the folder in the text field. This is used as a confirmation that you really want to delete this folder.

It’s good to know that you cannot delete all folders – at least one folder has to remain on your account.

Sorting of folders

You can easily sort your folders using drag ‘n drop:

The order in which they are listed is reflected in the drop-down list from which you can select a project:

If there are no projects in the folder, it will not be visible on the drop-down list.

Renaming a folder

If you want to rename a folder, click on the settings menu (three horizontal dots on the right):

A window will appear, where you can enter a new folder name in the text field:

Moving projects to a different folder:

If you want to move a survey to a different folder, press on the folder icon, right to the survey title:

After that, a window with a drop-down list will appear:

There are all folders on the list, except the one you want to move the survey from.

If you want to move a few projects to a different folder, you can check the checkbox located left to the titles of chosen projects. If you want to move all surveys to a different folder, check the checkbox next to Name, located right above the surveys list:

Next, click on “Move selected”, located right to the folder name. A window with a drop-down list will appear. Next steps are the same as if you were moving one survey.

Survey examples and templates

If you choose one of the survey templates available after clicking New project will appear in the folder you have been in when you created the survey.

If you choose one of the projects available at, it will automatically appear in the first folder on the list.

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