This option allows you to place an invitation to complete a survey or the entire created questionnaire on your own internet portal.

What are the website-based data collection tools available?

1. Go to the Collect tab.

2. Then select the "Website" option.

3. After completing the above mentioned steps, a menu will appear - in the form of pictures - regarding all forms of the survey's distribution on your website. There are four ways of placing the survey on your website.

  • Sticked invitation

  • Popup

  • Iframe

  • Widget

Sticked invitation

is, an image which is "stuck" to the edge of the browser and therefore visible all the time. Clicking on the invitation will open the survey (on the layer, in the same or in a new tab). By default, a banner prepared by us is displayed, but you can upload any invitation image and set how it will be displayed.

1. After selecting this option, a menu for the settings of the sticked invitation will appear: graphic / picture, vertical or horizontal position, and the action after clicking.

2. To choose the best option, just check the box next to the option which suits you.

3. We can download the code by clicking Copy to clipboard, and then placing it at the end of the BODY section of our website, which will cause the Sticked Invitation to appear at the selected place.

4. Importantly, we can test each option - in the case of a sticked invitation, click on the invitation which appeared after selecting this option.


is displaying the entire survey on a layer on the page you are currently viewing. You can display the survey to the visitor immediately or only after a certain period of time, and configure it to appear for everyone or only a random sample of your website users

1. After selecting this option, a menu regarding the Popup settings will appear: layer dimensions, capping - the number of views per one user opening time the likelihood of a popup, you can test your popup before placing it on the page.

2. We copy the code by clicking Copy to clipboard, and then place it at the end of the BODY section of your website, which will cause the Popup to appear in the selected place.


is placing the entire survey within a specific subpage. You have the option to set the width and height of the survey's frame. The advantage of such a solution is the possibility of placing on the subpage not only the survey, but also other content, such as the article which the survey will apply to.

1. After selecting this option, a menu for the Iframe settings will appear: the frame's width and height.

2. We copy the code by clicking Copy to clipboard and then place it at the end of the BODY section of your website, which will cause an Iframe to appear.

3. All the time you edit the frame, you can preview it before putting it on your website.


is a minimally invasive and very effective form of collecting opinions about the entire website or a specific subpage. Questions are displayed in a small box at the bottom of the page. If the survey is short, you can run it entirely on the widget. If it is a longer survey, you can use the widget to invite respondents to it, using the widget's questions to segment and filter the respondents.

NOTE! The widget on is treated as a separate type of a questionnaire.

If you want to do the whole study on a widget Add a new blank survey and select the Widget study type. If you want to use the widget to invite and segment respondents, first add the Widget with the initial questions, then create the actual survey and redirect respondents to this survey in the widget's settings.

What is worth remembering?

  • By changing the widget options, each time you will have a preview of what the widget looks like on the website.

  • Placing the survey on your own internet portal will increase access to it for the potential respondents.

  • IFRAME works very well as an application form for a competition, conference or other events. Such a form / survey can be easily integrated into the content of the website.

  • In Popup, it is worth using a time delay, which will display the popup only after the set time.

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