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How to re-send to the addresses to whom the e-mail could not be sent?
How to re-send to the addresses to whom the e-mail could not be sent?
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You are doing the sending from your own mail server but something went wrong? If you have received from us or your e-mail server information about errors which prevented the sending of the invitations to complete the survey, it means that some or all of the e-mail addresses may not have been sent.

In the COLLECT tab -> Send by e-mail -> Dispatch summary , you can see how many such cases have occured (Technical problems with sending)

In the STATUS column for the e-mail address for which the invitation could not be sent, there will also be the information "Sending the e-mail message has failed"

If you have successfully fixed the problem with your own mail server, you can easily re-send to those e-mail addresses to which the sending of the invitation has previously failed. To do this, go to the COLLEC tab --> Send to e-mail --> Configure mailing. In the first step, select the option "I want to try the dispatch again to those who have a problems with receiving the invitation"

In the next steps, set the content of the invitation again or select from the previously saved template and select SEND.

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