Three ways to send the invitations
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Below we present you three methods of sending the invitations from the system.

All three are used successfully. We recommend the third option.

Sending via the Startquestion server.

The standard way of sending survey invitations is that the mail server sends an invitation from the address

When sending correspondence from our system, the recipient will receive a message with the name of the sender visible, which can be freely changed with the information via Startquestion.

Currently, the deliverability of e-mails sent by this method is quite high and it can be used, but in the future the deliverability of the e-mails will be lower due to the SPF, which means, a mechanism which checks whether the e-mail sent to it comes from a given domain.

Our invitations sent in this way receive 9.2 / 10 points on the website.

We invite you to test it yourself.

The SPF setting for Startquestion mail servers

The second way to send invitations is to upgrade the previous method. It consists in delegating a special domain record of your company to our e-mail servers so that they are entitled to send e-mails from your domain.

In this way, we are authorised to send e-mails with your domain and we do not have problems such as impersonating your server.

However, this method has its drawbacks, namely, purely theoretically, we are able to send e-mails with the name of each e-mail account from your domain, e.g. the president, and secondly, we are able to send an unlimited number of e-mails with your domain.

Setting the SPF also requires work on the part of our administrators, who must generate the DKIM key, which is then transferred to the client.

The above option is available for free in the ENTEPRISE account. It is additionally priced in other packages. If you have questions related to the quote, please contact our sales department:

Provide an SMTP account for sending (recommended).

The third method does not have the disadvantages of the previous two and is recommended for sending invitations to complete the studies.

Providing an SMTP account consists in creating or sharing an existing e-mail account, for example, from which we will send correspondence to the respondents.

The advantage of this solution is that in this case, we can only send e-mails from the address which you have provided to us.

In addition, you have the option of controlling the dispatch, which means, the number of emails sent, or specifying, for example, the hours in which we will have access to the account.

If an SMTP account is made available, our system will behave in the same way as an e-mail client, for example, Thunderbird or Outlook, and anti-spam filters will not affect the deliverability of the mailings.

Below is an article of our guide which will guide you through the process of providing an SMTP account.
โ€‹Sending invitations from your own email address

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