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Distrtribution of invitations
Limiting the sending of invitations to one e-mail address
Limiting the sending of invitations to one e-mail address
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Startquestion can control the number of messages sent to a unique e-mail address.

If you want to be sure that you will not send more than one message to one e-mail address in X days (for example, one invitation a day or one invitation a week), Startquestion can do it for you and watch over such mailing.

It is especially useful when you carry out continuous satisfaction surveys (e.g. transactional) and your client often contacts your company (e.g. with the customer service department).

In order not to overwhelm it with e-mails every time, you can limit the shipment to one daily / weekly or for any number of days.

How to set it up?

If you want to restrict such a restriction, please send this information to us at We will need the e-mail address with which you log in to Startquestion and the number of days during which the respondent may receive a maximum of one invitation.

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