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If we have already added an invitation template to our account and we want to change it and create a new one based on it, go through the following points:

1. Select any survey on your account and go to the COLLECTION tab -> Sending to e-mail -> Configure sending.

2. In step 1 we choose

And then we choose any email address from the list. This is a form of security not to send an invitation to all the respondents in the next steps.

3. In step 3 of the sending configuration, select the SAVED INVITATION and select the invitations which we want to modify accordingly.

4. In the "Content of the invitation" section in the text editor, we can change any test or substitute a new html template.
If we want to add our own HTML, select the: ... icon

After replacing the html, you have to remember that if in the previous version of the invitation we had additional parameters added, for example: the external_key, prefill or macros to unsubscribe from mailing [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL], you have to add them in the same way under the graphics or the test.
5. If we want our template to be changed under the same name, leave the template title and select SAVE WITHOUT SENDING.

If the template title is changed, it will be saved as the new message template.

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