Do you want to send a knowledge test to your employees?
A survey, but only on a specific date?

An automatic start and end of the test may be useful for you.

In the Settings tab -> Survey settings -> Automatic start and end of the survey, you can define with a time accuracy to the minute, when your survey will be active

The automatic start of the survey.

There are studies which you want to start on a specific day. It is then important that the survey is available at the exact time we communicate to the respondents. If you would like the survey to be activated automatically, without your intervention, select the Activate the survey on the selected day option in the Automatic start and end of the study functionality.

Let's suppose you want to start your survey at midnight on November 12. When you want to make sure that your survey works, you enter the survey panel on November 12 at 00:02, and you can see that yours survey is inactive. Why?

Well, the survey is now available to respondents and is waiting for the first attempt to fill it in. It will change its status in the system to activewhen the first respondent enters the link.

Without the respondent's action, the survey's status will not change to active. It is in a standby mode, which may give you the impression that the survey "not working".

For example, if the survey starts on November 12 at 00:00, and the first respondent enters the link on November 13 at 7:00 am, the survey will exit the standby mode and will be visible in the system as active.

Remember to deactivate the survey before sharing the survey link.

The survey will be automatically activated and deactivated at the set time.

The automatic completion of the survey.

When you want to automate the end of the study, it is worth using the Automatic start and end of the study function.

After selecting the End the survey on the selected day option, the survey is automatically deactivated.

Let's suppose your survey ends on November 16 at 2:00 PM. When you enter the panel at 2:02 PM, the survey will still be shown as active.

This is because the trigger for deactivation is entering the link by the late respondent.

For example, if the respondent wants to start filling out the survey at 3:02 PM (and the survey ended at 2:00 PM), a message will appear that the survey has been completed and the survey will change its status in the system to inactive.

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