There are two kinds of display rules in the Startquestion interface which apply to the survey displayed on the WWW page.

The rules for displaying the survey on the page

The rules for displaying on the WWW page are described in detail in this article.

These rules can be defined in the "Collect" tab.

They decide whether the widget will be displayed on a given page, to a given user in a given situation.

If the survey in the popup is already displayed, the user (respondent) will be able to answer the questions included in the survey.

The rules for displaying the survey's pages

The detailed information about the Rules for displaying pages can be found in this article.

The rules for displaying pages concern whether we will display a specific question to the user/respondent within one research. Since in the case of a widget on one page we can only add one question, this function could as well be called: "The question display rules".

In the example above, no page display rules and also no questions, have been defined.

In the above example, the second question will be displayed only if the user is not ready to recommend our page to a friend (answers 0-2).

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