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The survey does not display on the website - what to do?
The survey does not display on the website - what to do?
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If your widget is not displayed on the website - and it should - you need to check whether the code installation and the widget configuration are correct.

Below we present some simple ways to find out why is the widget not showing.

Clear the cookies

The most common cause of the widget not displaying is that the widget has already been populated in the browser, or the widget display limit per user (the capping) has been depleted.

Whatever the reason, the fastest way to find out if that's why is to clear your browser cookies for your site.

You can do it from the development console or from the browser settings. The ways differ here, it's best to "ask Google" how to do it in your browser: how to clear cookies in the browser.

Does your website work on the https protocol?

If your website works on the httpprotocol, instead a secure https protocol, then this could be another cause of the problem.

Some browser security settings will not allow external content (and such content is the widget library), unless it comes from a secure source).

Check if the library loads on the website

To make sure that the library loads correctly, open the development console (it varies depending on the browser) and in the network tab check if the startquestion.js script has been loaded from the domain

The exact path to the file is:

The correct loading of the file above should load one more file:

If the script was loaded on your website after calling the Startquestion code, the Startquestion object declaration should appear in the JavaScript console.

Check whether a query is being sent to the server for the available widgets

After you make sure that the library loads correctly, look for a reference to the address in the console:

Where: 420abc40-2b70-11ec-8d09-00505685cca8, is the identifier of your account at Startquestion.

The example below shows a situation in which the script returns the definition of a survey with an ID 425608 to be displayed.

Futher proceeding

If, despite the configuration of the widget, it is still not displayed, check the correctness of the defined display rules and the conditions for their fulfillment.

In case of the following rules, the decision whether and when to display the widget is made at the browser level. Therefore, even if the widget.php script returns the appropriate configuration, the conditions on the browser side must be met.

  • The time on the current page is at least __ seconds

  • The user has scrolled the page by a percent of the page

  • The user scrolled the page by the number of pixels

  • The user scrolled the page to section no. __

  • The user has visited at least __ pages during the current visit

  • The user wants to leave the page

  • The JavaScript code will return TRUE

In this example, the widget.php script does not serve any widget. In this case, no widget will be displayed. In this case, it is worth checking the page's rendering rules based on

In this case, check again if you have cleaned all the cookies and then check the correctness of the following rules:

路 The website url includes

路 The URL of the previous page

路 The content of the cookies

路 Site-wide time is a minimum of __ seconds during the current visit

The above rules are checked at the server layer. The decision whether to display the widget is made at the script level. If the script returns no widget, then one of the rules is invalid.

Is the JS console "buggy"

Check the development console and make sure all the scripts on the page are executing correctly.

The internet browser environment is shared. That is why other scripts can influence whether and how other scripts work.

The presence of errors does not necessarily mean that the widget will not function. But the lack of errors confirms our belief that we need to look further

The widget is still not showing :(

If the above tips did not help, please contact us by e-mail and by the chat. Together we will find the reason :)

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