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What types of questions can I add to a web survey?
What types of questions can I add to a web survey?
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A website survey has a smaller pool of possible questions. This is mainly due to the limited operation area available on the Widget.

Text block

it can be used to invite to the research, to introduce, provide instructions for the respondents.

Single-choice closed question

The respondent can choose one answer from those included in the question, for example:

Closed multiple-choice question

The respondent has a choice of several answers from those given by the author, for example:

Open question

The respondent can answer the question on his own, he/she has the possibility to express himself/herself freely on a given topic:

An NPS question

a question using the Net Promoter Score methodology is a research provided to rate the satisfaction with a product, service or process. This consists in asking a question about the willingness to recommend the company to family members or friends and answering on a scale of 0-10. The NPS index as well as the number of critics, promoters and neutrals are calculated, based on the frequency of responses.


In this type of question, the respondent can choose one of the answers in the star, smiley or number view.

Asking for a number

The respondent can enter only a number, it is not possible to enter letters.

Asking for an e-mail

The respondent is asked to provide an e-mail address.

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