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The installation by the GTM - Google Tag Manager
The installation by the GTM - Google Tag Manager
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To run the widget using the Google Tag Manager, copy the widget code available from the Account tab -> Settings -> Widget Code, and then select the option: "Install in Google Tag Manager"

The tag in the Google Tag Manager

Put the indicated code in the appropriate place in the GTM.

Then you should configure the tag:

In the next step, we choose the type of the tag which interests us:

In this step, we add the widget code which we downloaded from the Startquestions panel.

we paste the code and click Save

The rule in the Google Tag Manager

Then we move on to adding the display rules:

In the image presented below, a previously prepared "Page display" rule has been selected. If you want the Startquestion code to appear on each of the subpages, select the "All pages" rule.

On the screen summarising the configuration, click save:

Then click "Submit" to have the working changes implemented on the website

Correctness testing

We go back to the Startquestion panel to test whether the Google Tag Manager serves the code from Startquestion correctly.

Click on the button "Veryfy intallation"

In the window which appears, enter the address of the website where the Google Tag Manager exists. Click the verify button

and we wait for the appearance of such a window, and... additional window where your website should appear.

If the following message appears at the top of the page:

We are home free :)

From now on, you can create widgets and define various display rules for them.

What if an error pops up?

If you get an error like on the screen above, verify that you have defined the display rule in the Google Tag Manager correctly and that the gtm.js script is loading on your website.

More on this subject is to be found in the article:

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