Identification of respondents

- simply speaking, linking a specific filling to a specific respondent.
By selecting this option OFF, the identification of the filling on the basis of the respondent's token will not be possible.


  • token is an access code.

It does not mean that the respondent has to enter the survey access code.
If you select the access by the personal link for each respondent option and you send survey invitations from our application, the tokens will be "sewn" into the link and the respondent will not have to enter anything. The token will be automatically generated, placed in the link and activated after the respondent clicks on the unique link from the survey invitation.

The tokens can be given an expiry date.
To do this, select the option:

Personal link for each respondent

  • This is the access level that allows you to identify the respondents.

With the Personal link for each respondent, each respondent receives a unique link to the survey, and each link is secured with a Token . If you want no unauthorized person to fill in your survey, this is the access level you should set.

With the Personal link for each respondent set, you can identify respondents or allow an anonymous survey to be completed.

One password protected link for everyone

  • The survey is available only after entering the password. Same password for everyone.

One link for everyone

- The survey is available directly from the link, which is the same for all participants.

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