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Completing the previously filled out questionnaire - the POSTFILL mechanism
Completing the previously filled out questionnaire - the POSTFILL mechanism
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With the help of the tool, which is Startquestion, you can create not only the prefill, which means completing the questionnaire with variables in the link, but also the postfill.

This is a function which allows you to complete the survey post factum. We place postfill in the message directed as an alert to specific respondents. This is primarily to facilitate the categorisation of open-ended questions. It is especially useful when there is a lot of such questions in the survey.

How to create the postifll?

After creating the survey, go to the Create tab, and then the Alerts. Select the Add new alert option, where the text of the message that the alert recipient will receive after completing the survey appears among several functions.

You can modify the content of the message as you wish. For postfill to be displayed in the e-mail, enter: [POSTFILL_guestionNumber] for example, [POSTFILL_10].

As you can see in the above given example, the e-mail recipient will not receive a link to the survey, but a specific question in the message. If the survey has only this one question, after selecting a given answer her/she will be redirected to the thank you page for completing the survey. If the questionnaire contains more questions, the user, after selecting the answer in the e-mail, will be redirected to the next question.

When is it worth using the postfill?

  • when it is necessary to categorise the answers due to the large number of open questions in the survey,

  • when the study predicts looping the user's responses.

    An example of a survey which uses the postfill is the Voice of Customer, for which you can find instructions in this article.


  • In case of surveys containing one or more questions, it is worth using the option of their automatic numbering. This will give us confidence that the postfill will be added to the right question. Turning on the automatic numbering is only necessary for the time of creating a postfill - it does not have to be visible to respondents while filling in the survey.

  • This option is only available for multiple choice questions.

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