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This option allows you to create a questionnaire in a language other than English. This is especially important for international, intercultural or foreign research. Such settings change the language of the survey's interface (so the navigation buttons and other static elements change).

How to create a survey in a language other than English?

1. Click Create and then Survey Settings.

2. In the form field menu, search the language of the survey's interface and then click to select the language you are interested in.

3. Confirm the changes made by clicking Save at the end of the survey settings menu.

The effect of the introduced changes is displaying the survey's interface in the selected language. The changes will apply to the entire interface, this means the buttons: next or back, any messages in the survey and additional information, for example, select one answer / choose several answers.

What is worth remembering?

  • Only the interface is changed to the selected language, this means the navigation elements, buttons, instructions and error messages.

  • Of course, the content of the questions should be entered into the questionnaire already in the language of your choice.

  • You can also create a survey in which you ask about the preferred language of the questionnaire and depending on the choice made, you can redirect the respondent to the survey in the correct language.

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