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Why did I collect more fillings than I set in the survey settings in the fill in limit?
Why did I collect more fillings than I set in the survey settings in the fill in limit?
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There are situations when there may be more fills than the value specified in the Settings, for example, we get 105 fills, even though the limit was 100.

The main reason for this is starting a survey by several people at the same time, so we can have an example of this situation as shown below:

  • 99 respondents completed the survey and the system collecting the results has already registered exactly the same number of fillings,

  • therefore, there is 1 free slot, which means, the system should normally register the completion of only another 1 survey, and then block the possibility of filling it in by other people,

  • however, at this time, when the remaining 1 free missing filling is still available, the survey begins to be filled in, for example, by 6 people

  • we are not able to predict which of these people will finish the survey first, because for example, eventually they may not complete it at all or postpone it. Therefore, we cannot block the completion of the survey by other people, if we want to collect a set of necessary fillings as soon as possible,

  • once this one missing filling is sent to us, it would be a bad practice to terminate the survey systemically for those people who got involved and took the time to complete the survey for us. So we should let them - and that's how the internal settings are set up - to complete the study. Not only that one, first person, but the rest of them as well.

  • Hence, the final number of fills may be higher than that specified by us in the filling limit settings.

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