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Drawing questions from a pool of questions
Drawing questions from a pool of questions
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How to set the drawing of questions / pages from the pool?

What is this option based on? For example, if you have a knowledge test and you have prepared 50 questions, you can randomly ask each respondent only 20 of them. To do this, create a survey with 50 questions and place each question on a separate page. Of course, you can add pages with an introduction or an end, which will not be chosen randomly.

· After you finish adding survey questions, select the "Create" tab and then "Survey settings".

Scroll down to the "While completing the survey" section and select the "Randomize/draw questions" option.

  • Choose how many pages with questions are to be displayed from the predefined range of pages. If there is an introduction and a certificate on the first two pages, arrange a draw from the third page. Remember that all drawn pages will also be displayed in a random order.

  • Then, scroll down the page and save the changed survey settings.

What is worth remembering?

  • As not every question will be displayed to the respondent, the number of fillings for individual questions drawn from the pool will differ from each other.

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