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Webhook updating a respondent's data in the recipient database
Webhook updating a respondent's data in the recipient database
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It is possible to update the respondent's data in the recipient database for the purpose of repeated mailing. A webhook is a URL requested using another IT system or opened in an ordinary browser.

The form of the URL is as follows:[id_account]/[webhook_key]/[webhook_auth]/[webhook_name]?additional_parameters


  • id_account – ID of your account on the Startquestion platform. To find it out, please contact us

  • webhook_key and webhook_auth – Webhook key and authorization. Parameters available after logging in to the user account in the Account -> Settings -> Integrations section. After generating the keys, you will receive their values.

  • webhook_name – here: update-respondent

  • additional_parameters – additional parameters defining the respondent. Additional parameters can be sent as GET parameters or as POST parameters. These are as follows:

- id_respondent – ID of the respondent who is an addressee from the mailing list

- l1, l2, …., l10 – additional labels in the contact field. All parameters are optional.

- id_survey – ID of the survey to which a respondent will be added (contact us to obtain the parameter values). Mandatory parameter.

Sample format of the URL with additional parameters sent as GET:

The above Webhook will update the data of respondent ID 12345 in survey ID = 399793. The respondent will obtain new values of labels: l4 = SuperVIP and l7 = 9 (sample value of the NPS question).

Sample response from the server:

{"type":"success","msg":"Respondent has been updated on the survey's mailing list"}


  • To obtain the values of parameters: id_account, id_survey, contact us at:

  • To obtain the values of parameter id_respodnent, you can use the [ID_RESPONDENT] macro

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