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Webhook downloading the list of surveys from an account
Webhook downloading the list of surveys from an account
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It is possible to send a download of the list of surveys from the user's account on the Startquestion platform by requesting the so-called Webhook. A webhook is a URL requested using another IT system or opened in an ordinary browser.

The form of the URL is as follows:[id_account]/[webhook_key]/[webhook_auth]/survey-list?additional_parameters
  • id_account – ID of your account on the Startquestion platform. To find it out about, please contact us

  • webhook_key and webhook_auth – Webhook key and authorization. Parameters available after logging in to the user account in the Account -> Settings -> Integrations section. After generating the keys, you will receive their values.

Additional parameters

additional parameters defining the addressee of the message and date of sending the invitation. They can be set as GET parameters of POST parameters and they are as follows:

  • type = ['survey', 'test', 'widget’] – optional.

  • title = internal title of the survey that can be used to narrow down the search list.

  • limit = 20 – default value. No more than 20 surveys can be sent at once.

"title":"Tytuł ankiety",
"user_title":"Wewnętrzny tytuł ankiety",
"created_date":"2016-04-07 18:24:19",
"date_published":"2016-04-07 18:29:57",
"date_modified":"2019-10-01 07:02:32",

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