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Webhook used for sending an invitation to an existing respondent
Webhook used for sending an invitation to an existing respondent
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It is possible to send an invitation to fill out a survey to an indicated email address, to which an invitation has already been sent. It is possible by requesting the so-called Webhook. A webhook is a URL requested using another IT system or opened in an ordinary browser.

The form of the URL is as follows:[id_account]‌/[webhook_key]‌/[webhook_auth]/send-invitation-to-token?additional_parameters

Additional parameters are as follows:

token – token of the respondent to whom you want to send the invitation.

id_survey – ID of the survey to which the invitation is sent (contact us for the parameter value). Mandatory parameter

id_template – template ID of the invitation that is sent (to find out how to download ID_template, click HERE). Mandatory parameter

delay – delay in sending the invitation counted in minutes. Optional parameter.

footer – possibility of disabling the footer with information about the sender. By default, the footer is enabled

reminder – number of hours from mailing after which a reminder is to be sent to respondents who did not fill out the survey. If the parameter is not set, the reminder will not be sent.

Sample format of the URL with additional parameters sent as GET:


If the account's limits for sending invitations are exhausted, the webhook will return an error

{„type”:”error”,”msg”:”Invitations limit has been reached”}

If the access code (token) was deleted from the survey or is invalid the webhook will return an error (“token not found”)


To obtain the values of parameters: id_survey, id_template, contact us at

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