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How to create and send a large mailing with invitation to fill out a survey (step-by-step guide)
How to create and send a large mailing with invitation to fill out a survey (step-by-step guide)
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In this article, you will find out how to send mailing to multiple respondents. I will describe the operations that need to be performed, in what order and how they are to be connected into a logical whole.

I will not discuss issues relating to authorization and logging in to an account. I assume you already know how to do that.


I assume that you know the Survey ID that you want to invite people to fill out. If you don’t know the ID of your survey, this will be number that appears in the link to the survey, e.g.:

123456 is your Survey ID.

Alternatively, you can choose API operations to download the survey list on your account. In response, you will receive your Survey ID

Importing respondents and mailing

1. Create a batch that you want to add respondents to. Details can be found in the operation documentation /api/v2/respondents/batch.

2. Remember the batch_id parameter that you will receive after requesting the batch generation operation.

3. Send the batch_id to the /api/respondents/patch operation along with data regarding the respondents.

4. After uploading all respondents, create a mailing using the batch_id. The following operation is used for this purpose: /api/v2/mailings/batch.

5. After requesting this operation, provide the batch_id from the first operation and template_id of the message template you want to mail.

6. We check if the mailing is defined correctly using the /api/v2/mailings/:mailingId, method, where we substitute the returned mailing ID for the mailingId. Mailing can be in one of the following statuses: preparing (if you have loaded a lot of respondents, the mailing order may take a long time), waiting / pending (if the mailing is already prepared and waiting for shipment) or sent (if your mailing has already been sent)

If you don’t know where to download the template_id, you can find out more in this article.

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