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How will the survey behave when I apply both page display rules and redirections from a question or page?

First, the redirects will work in the question or on the page. If the redirection occurs, for example, to page 4, and on this page display rules are set, the system will check whether the page can be displayed. If the conditions are met, the page will be displayed. If not, the next page will be displayed.

How do you remove test fills before you start collecting results?

Go to the Results tab and continue in the tab: Single sheets. Here you have the option to remove each sheet individually or all previous fillings.

To which address should I send an external domain to attach my survey to it?

In order for the external domain service to work properly, it is necessary to delegate the domain to the address, a CNAME record. After sending the domain, please contact us and our team will complete the configuration. After completing the process, you will be able to link the survey with the new domain in the account settings in the Domains tab.

By mistake I removed the question/page of the survey or entire questionnaire! Is it possible to undo it somehow? Help!

Fortunately, the operation of removing questions, survey pages and entire surveys is reversible. This can’t be done from the user interface, but our specialists will do these things right away. Therefore, in this case, please contact us via the contact form or at Provide as many details about the removed item as possible. This will facilitate the work and speed up the whole process.

Several people have already completed the questionnaire, and I realized that I need to make some changes. What to do?

You can easily make changes to the active survey, even if you have collected the responses. The editing of the question or answer content doesn’t affect the results in any way. If a new question has been added, only the answers that appeared after adding the question will be included in the summary results. If the question was removed, the previous answer to the question has also been removed from the summary results.

Can you change the order of questions or pages in the survey?

Yes, there is such a possibility. In the Create tab, click Questions sorting or Pages Sorting, and then „drag” and „drop” selected items to the desired place.

How should the images be prepared in order to display correctly in the questionnaire?

The accepted file formats are JPG or PNG. The maximum weight is 2 MB. There are no maximum dimensions that should have a picture. If its width is greater than 850 px, it will be automatically reduced to such a size. However, we recommend that you include smaller images in the survey, as this increases the comfort of filling.

How many surveys can I create within an account?

There is no limit on the number of surveys created on one account.

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