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Programming (scripting) of surveys
Programming (scripting) of surveys
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Do you want to transfer your survey to the Startquestion platform, but you don’t have the time or your project seems too complicated? Or maybe you don’t have adequate knowledge about the chosen methodology, and you want to be sure that the test will be completely correct?

You do not have to hire programmers or devote valuable time to your employees. We can do it for you. The Startquestion team will take care of the implementation of your project, including but not limited to:

  • adding new questions,

  • setting the questionnaire logic,

  • preparation of the survey distribution module,

  • integration of the survey with the tools you have used so far,

  • adding a survey’s branding,

  • checking, using tests, whether the survey or project is working correctly.

By using the survey programming service you will be sure that your questionnaire will be refined in every respect and created in accordance with the adopted methodology.

The price of the service is set individually – after consultation.

If you are interested in this option or you have some more questions about programming of surveys, please contact us:

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