Random order of displaying questions
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How do you set up random display of questions?

  • After you finish adding survey questions, select the „Create” tab then „Survey settings".

  • Scroll to the „While completing the survey” section and check the „Randomize/draw questions” option.

  • Choose the range of pages that will be randomly displayed. Thanks to the drop-down lists, you can choose only a few pages to be displayed randomly, and for example the first and last were always in place. Then, eat down the page and save the modified survey settings.

Worth to remember:

  • As not every question will be displayed to the respondent, the number of fills in the individual questions drawn from the pool will differ from each other.

  • Because the pages of the questionnaire are drawn rather than individual questions, it is necessary to create a questionnaire so that each question is on a separate page.

  • You can’t target filtered pages to pages viewed in a random order. To make this redirection possible, display the pages in a predetermined order.

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