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Integration with SALESmanago – description of the process
Integration with SALESmanago – description of the process
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The convenience of our users and the adjustment of the tool to their individual needs are the priorities of the Startquestion platform. Therefore, one of the functions is the possibility of integration with other platforms, including SALESmanago – the marketing automation platform, thanks to which companies can increase their revenues by providing customers with personalized, individual offers.

The purpose of integration is to enable Startquestion users to transfer data from completions of surveys (answers and questions) to SALESmanago – specifically to the contact list on the SALESmanago platform. In other words: integrating both platforms can result in automatic updating and sharing of account information (eg respondents’ e-mail addresses).

How to start the integration?

First of all, You should find the Salesmanago section in the Settings tab. It is visible in the user account on the Startquestion platform.

The information that you need to copy to the Account Settings in the Startquestion is: endpoint, client ID and API secret.

API keys and data for SALESmanago are configured only once – at the stage of the whole account, not for a single questionnaire. The keys can be obtained from the SALESmanago panel. All you have to do is enter Settings (accounts), select the tab: Integration, then Settings and the sub-tab: API Access.

  1. In order for the questionnaire to send data to SALESmanago, go to the Survey Settings (in the Create tab) and check the option: Send survey results to user profile in SALESmanago (at the very bottom of the page).

By enabling this option in the survey settings, we also define the tag which will mark contact added or updated by this particular questionnaire.

After clicking: “Save” integration starts working in the selected survey. This means that once filled in, the data will be sent to the user account in SALESManago.

Integration can work in two modes:

1. When the survey included an email type question.

Then, based on the answer in the first e-mail question, the integration searches in the contacts database of the SALESMango account for contact with a specific e-mail address.

  • if the contact is found, the current data will be updated with new fields,

  • if the contact is not found – the system will create a new contact with the fields in SALESmanago.

2. When respondents receive a link to the survey with the smclientid – GET parameter applied (?smclientid=…):

  • based on the sent clientID – a contact is searched in the SalesManago contact database and it is updated with new fields,

  • ID contact from the salesManago system can be obtained via the Generate URL button available in the contact details (CRM -> Contacts List).

Worth to know:

  • The integration function is available only for Enterprise and VIP accounts on the Startquestion platform.

  • The integration uses the upsert and update methods in the SalesManago API. Data is sent immediately after the respondent has completed the survey, so all answers and questions from the survey are automatically sent to SALESManago – data is added or updated there.

  • To view new or updated contacts, go to the CRM tab and then to the Contacts list in your SALESmanago account.

  • Survey data is visible in the details of the contact in the Custom details sub-tab. The fields contain the word: „survey.” + The content of the question (spaces are replaced by dashes, and the Polish characters are removed from the content), field values ​​are the answers from the questions.

  • You should keep in mind that the length of the field value can’t be longer than 255 characters. This means that in cases of longer values, data in SALESManago may be incomplete.

  • A tag (segment) is added to contact – the one which was defined previously in the survey settings.

You should decide to integrate with SALESmanago, if:

– You are interested in profiling, or the possibility of categorizing and transferring data from surveys to successive sales funnels – integration will allow you to automatically collect and update contact data (which already exists in the SalesManago system).

– You want to create a landing page that collects leads – in this case the survey can be used as a great tool for collecting contacts.

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