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How to create a project from start to the end
Instructions for the Candidate Experience survey
Instructions for the Candidate Experience survey
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How to create a survey?

1. Creation of the questionnaire

What the user should start with is creation of the Candidate Experience survey. To do this, first log in to the account in the Startquestion platform. After logging in, on the right you will see a button with a plus sign saying: New project.

You can then choose the Candidate Experience survey template from the ready-made template database.

Next click Preview and Use this template.

You can now find your Candidate Experience survey in the Projects tab.

2. Editing the survey

Refine the stages of recruitment in the question „At what stage did the recruitment end?”

By default, the following recruitment stages are set:

If recruitment process in your organization includes more or less stages, or individual stages consist of other forms of contact, then you should edit the question.

To make it happen go to the Create tab, then move the cursor to the question „At what stage did the recruitment end?” Until the upper right corner appears in the Edit option

Click Edit and change the names of the Stages or remove unnecessary / add new stages.

Similarly, you can edit the next questions if, for example, it doesn’t include the department to which you are recruiting or there is no communication channel that is relevant to you.

Remember to make the survey as much personalized as You could – in the NPS question, in the [COMPANY NAME] field enter the name of the organization you represent.

Check if the remaining questions match the brand and the communication with the candidate, or change them.

We know that there are positions or organizations that prefer a less formal style of communication, others require a more formal language. Therefore, consider changing direct returns, e.g. in the NPS question, to more formal returns – Sir or Madame.

If you need basic information about the candidate, add the particulars to the Candidate Experience survey. It is an additional part of some tests which is used to collect personal data about you respondents.

Be careful! If you have a low percentage of completed surveys, compared to the ones sent, remove the particulars – respondents could find your survey too long or difficult with this addition.

You can also turn off the particulars in the survey by changing the action to be performed after completing, for example, 6 pages.

To do this click change and select: Finish the study

You can customize the look of the survey to the colors used by your organization.

Do you want to put your own logo in the survey? It’s not difficult al all!

In the Design tabyou can create your own theme. To to this you shoud choose the option: New

Then click on the logo settings.

An additional window will appear you add your own logo in JPG or PNG format.

You click on: Save and… it’s ready.

You can also delete the logo by the button: trash icon.

Similarly, You are able to change the colors of buttons or questions. It is also very simple.

Click on the element of the survey whose colors you want to change, and we will see the option to choose colors for individual elements

2. Distribution of the survey

a) sending the invitation via link

If you want to achieve the highest percentage of responses to Your survey, you should make the questionnaire as short and simple as You can. To to that You can answer some question instead your candidate.

You know, by sending feedback to the candidate, for what position he ran, at what stage the recruitment ended, and how did he find out about recruitment, right?

So You can use all this information and create a prefill.

To make a prefill go to Share tab, than → Survey Link.

In the field with default study link You have to add a question mark followed by the answer numbers in the questions you choose as respondents:

q1 = 1 means that the respondent completed the recruitment at the stage of sending the CV

q1 = 2 means that the respondent completed the recruitment at the stage of the initial telephone conversation / Skype

The formula for creating a prefill is as follows: gQuestionNumber = AnswerNumber
Because there is more than one question on the first page of our survey, you prefix individual questions with the „&” sign.

The link will look like this:

In the example above, the candidate completed the recruitment process at the stage of conversation with the manager, applied to the technical support department, and learned about the recruitment from a friend.

You can also send a request to evaluate the recruitment process from our platform.

b) sending the survey invitations to candidates by email

First, prepare a file with a list of candidates.

The file must be in xslx or csv format. The first column must contain an email address (address alone, no links, etc.).

You import such a file in the Share tab, than: Send Via emaila by clicking the Import from file option.

Of course, you can also enter the e-mail address of the candidate manually by clicking on Enter manually.

After adding respondents, you click on: Configure mailing

Select the first option: I want to send invitations to all respondents from y list and click: Next

In the next step you enter the content of the invitation to Your survey.

We created an example of such a massage to make it easier for You:

Good morning,

We would like to thank you for taking part in recruitment for the position _______.

Because the experience of candidates during the recruitment process is particularly important to us, we are very interested in your opinion on the recruitment process.

For this purpose, we have prepared a very short survey, which will take you 3-4 minutes to complete. Your opinion has a real impact on how the recruitment process will look in the future.

The survey is completely anonymous. Complete it whenever you want and wherever you want.

Thank you very much for your time! Best regards.

3. Analysis of the Candidate Experience survey results

1. You already have the first survey results. What’s next?

The most pressing matter is finding out why our candidates are critics, if not toward the whole organization, then toward the recruitment process.

Therefore, put on a filter that will show You all the negative answers in one place.

You create such a filter go the Results tab → Filters → and click on: Create new filter

We will show You now how to create filter based on Net Promoter Score questions. We will select only detractors answers (to learn more about Net Promoter Score method go to the articles in our Blog).

Detcrators are all those respondents who answer from 0 to 6 in the NPS question.

Therefore, your filter will look like this:

You confirm the filter creation by clicking: Create filter.

It is good to have such a filter, but it is even better to receive information on the email that someone has just given a critical answer along with its content. How? We will explain it below.

2. Alert (notifications of critical ratings).

You have the possibility to create Alerts to handle such events. To do that to Create tab and than choose: Alerts and webhooks.

You should click on: Create a new alert. There You are able to complete the Name of the alert and write down the recipients of the alert.

Alerts will be sent to the email addresses indicated in the Addressees option (you can add multiple addresses separated).

Content of the message could be added from dynamic content (Tags):

After adding the Alert, you will receive an e-mail with information about the detractors of the recruitment process.

4. How to analyze the results?

You already have the Detractor filter. By using it, you can see what elements of contact with the recruiter generate dissatisfaction during all of the recruitment process.

In the example above, you can see what is the weakest area during the entire recruitment process. If you are looking for our strengths, then you can create an analogous filter promoters and after applying the filter see what affects the high assessment of the recruitment process.

If you have questions connected to Candidate Experience survey or our platform, please contact us.

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