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The most popular feedback widget use-cases
The most popular feedback widget use-cases
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Despite its simple design, the widget is a very versatile tool in the hands of an efficient online marketer or usability specialist. Below are some of the most popular cases of its use, but we encourage you to experiment and use the widget to meet your own needs. Thanks to very easy integration and launching of new projects without the need to involve the IT department, we have the ability to quickly collect data about users, their opinions, problems or comments. We may also encourage you to perform actions on our website, such as visiting another website, downloading an offer file or subscribing to a newsletter.

An invitation to fully explore the site’s usability

If our goal is to conduct a full usability research or user needs examination, the widget will act as a very effective invitation to such study. All we have to do is ask the question „Do you want to help improve our site and complete a short survey?” And in the settings we will direct the respondent to the full survey.

Thanks to advanced targeting rules, we can display the invitation, e.g. only to people who are at least 10 minutes on the site, so as not to ask someone who has just entered it to rate it. You can do it in display rules section in Creation tab on your widget.

Even more effective method of invitation is to ask in the widget the first question from the survey, and after answering those question the respondent will be redirected to the further part of the questionnaire. You can also use the first question as segmenting and redirecting to surveys dedicated to various customer groups.

Remember that you can view the survey in a new tab (which we recommend especially for longer studies) or on a layer within the page (this we recommend for simpler and shorter studies). You can configure it in the Widget Settings on the platform (left menu).

Simple study

If the survey is short, there is no point in redirecting your respondents to an external survey, and you can ask all questions directly in the widget. Thanks to the option of conditions and the logic of displaying questions, each respondent will only get questions corresponding to his situation. Such research can be used, for example, to quickly collect opinions on the latest advertising campaign or changes in the offer that have recently entered into force.

Quick feedback on the current page

The widget works great if you want to gather information about one specific subpage. For example, whether the offer on the website is presented in an understandable way, whether the user in the FAQ section found the answer to his question or what is the purpose of the user’s visit to the website. Remember that you can send every answer given in our widget to your Google Analytics profile and use this data to better understand your users’ behavior.

Stopping an escaping user

If we have already led our user to start the order process, we would like him to complete this process and place the order. Unfortunately, the usual conversion of forms ranges from 5% to 20%. It is worth finding out why the user leaves our site without completing the transaction, and even offer him an additional discount – unavailable for those who will go through the entire form without additional support.

Newsletter subscription

The widget can act as a simple but effective form for subscribing to promotions newsletter. If you have configured integration with e.g. marketing automation platforms such as Sales Manago, you can display a request for registration only to those whose consent and email address you don’t have yet.

When you can create a widget with an e-mail question and an incentive to leave the address, you should also add the second question. It will contain request for permission to send marketing communication to the e-mail address provided, which is legal requirement according to GDPR (read more about this act and permissions in our GuideBook).

Worth to remember:

  • You can have several widgets active on your website at the same time and thank to this run few projects at the same time.

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