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Survey on your own website - iFrame
Survey on your own website - iFrame
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This option allows you to place an invitation to complete the survey or the entire questionnaire created on your own website.


i.e. placing the entire survey within a specific subpage. You can set the width and height of the frame with the survey. The advantage of this solution is the ability to place on the subpage not only the survey, but also other content such as the article to be covered by the survey.

1. Go to Share -> Iframe and there the Iframe settings will appear: frame width and height.

2. Copy the code by clicking Copy to clipboard and then put it at the end of the BODY section of your website, which will cause Iframe to appear.

3. All the time you are editing a frame, you can preview it before you put it on your website.

Worth to remember:

  • Placing the survey on your own website will increase access to it by potential respondents.

  • iFrame works very well as an application form for a competition, conference or other event. Such a survey can be easily integrated into the content of the page.

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