Do you want to make sure that your survey has been successfully completed? You can use special confirmation codes for this. This kind of codes are displayed after the respondent completes the survey. Moreover, you can verify such codes later to make sure that the completion is correct.

How to start generating confirmation codes?

1. When you finish adding survey questions, select „Survey Settings” (2) in the „Settings” tab (1).

2. Go to the „After completing the survey” section and select the „Generate and display a unique code” option (3).

Important: Remember, this option is only available when the „Display thank you page” option is selected in the „Action after completing” section.

3. Then go to the bottom of the page and save the changed survey settings.

How to verify the confirmation code?

1. After completing the survey, each respondent will receive a unique confirmation code. To verify the codes provided by respondents, go to the 'Results’ tab (5)

2. Then select 'Filling verification (6).

3. The „Verification of codes generated after survey completion” page will appear. Enter the codes received by the respondents in the field marked „Verification codes” (7). Remember that there should only be one code per line. Then click the „Check entered codes” button (8).

4. A field will appear with the verification of the codes entered. If the code is correct, you can view the spreadsheet by clicking „View this spreadsheet”.

If the code is incorrect, information appears that the code was not found in the Startquestion.coml database.

Worth to remember:

  • When checking verification codes, there can only be one code per line.

  • The confirmation code option is only available when the „Display thank you page” option is enabled.

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