During the survey creation you are able to choose one or many of the 18 available question types:

  • single choice,

  • multiple choice (with the option of selecting one or more answers),

  • matrix (single choice, multiple choice or with the option of entering your own answers),

  • Net Promoter Score,

  • drag and drop

  • drop-down list,

  • Ranking,

  • open question,

  • form,

  • rating question (assigning with use of so-called stars),

  • scales (question with sliders),

  • allocating points,

  • questions about number, e-mail or date,

  • adding attachments.

You can add text blocks between individual questions in your questionnaire.

Remember, that You can copy the questions you have already added or select the most popular from the template, created by Startquestion.

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