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In order to diversify the survey and ensure the reliability of the answers in your questionnaire, you can use random display of pages containing questions. Using this option, the surveys will be displayed in a different order each time the respondent will complete the page.

For your information: Please note that pages displayed in a random order cannot be directed from filtering questions.

How do you set the survey pages to display randomly?

1. When you finish adding survey questions, select Survey Settings on the Create tab on the main menu:

2. Go into the While completing the survey section and select the Introduce the randomness option.

3. Select the range of pages to be displayed randomly or enter the page numbers from the given pool to be displayed and put in random order.

4. Then go to the bottom of the page and save the changed survey settings. You can also proceed to collecting the results immediately after saving.

Worth to remember:

  • Random pages cannot be targeted from filtering questions. To make this redirect possible, you must display pages in the order you specify.

  • For more about filtering questions, see different article in our GuideBook.

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