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Not every respondent who starts completing the questionnaire always reach the end of the survey. This may be due to various factors: lack of interest in the subject or time to complete, too many questions or even technical problems. The creator of the survey, for various reasons, may however want to gain access not only to completed but also unfinished results. Startquestion gives this option from the level of aggregate results.

How can you change the data view?

The option is available in Results – in the menu at the top of the screen. The list has two modes:

  • Finished only

  • All completions.

The mode selected by the user will be marked with an (active) mark. It is saved in relation to a specific questionnaire not to the user account in total), so that when you move between tabs and after refreshing the application, the mode will be the last one selected.

Worth to remember:

  • The ability to change the mode to all completions allows the user to see how respondents who did not complete their fills answered, without the need to export results to a file.

  • In the mode of all completions it is not possible to filter, add to the report and export. The quick filter icon is also blocked.

  • In the case of displaying results in the mode of all completions (also unfinished) when filtering results from the Filters tab, the mode will be switched automatically only to the completed results.

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