Alerts after completions the survey
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Would you like to know how many people and when completed your questionnaire?

The Startquestion platform allows sending e-mail notifications about completing the survey to the selected e-mail addresses.

โ€‹How to create this kinf of alert you can see in the instructions given below.

  1. Go to the Create tab --> Alerts and webhooks --> Create a new alert.

By default, the alert recipient will be the account owner, but you can remove yourself as the recipient and add one or more recipients. Remember to separate them with a comma when adding multiple email addresses.

If you want to receive alerts about new fillings, just click Save at the bottom.

In order to set an alert that meets specific criteria, go to Advanced settings and set the appropriate filter result.

If the default alert template is not enough for you, you can also edit its content and enrich the notification of the respondents' answers to individual questions.

Remember to save the changes after making them.

A correctly saved alert will appear in the list of alerts and will be active.

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