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Good habits in online surveys creation
Good habits in online surveys creation
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In this article we will try to give you a few tips to make your survey more friendly to respondents. Thanks to them you will be able to achieve:

  • a greater number of successful fills,

  • greater user satisfaction from completing the questionnaire,

  • shorter time needed to complete the survey,

  • higher reliability of answers,

  • lower number of resignation from the survey during its completion.

To create good survey You should remember about:

  • Start with a few words about the purpose of the survey, its author and the expected time that the respondent has to have to complete the survey. If the survey is conducted for the needs of the institution, give its name or paste the logotype (or do both).

  • The maximum time to complete your questionnaire should not exceed 15-20 minutes.

  • After designing the survey, send a link to your friend or colleague for the purpose of test filling and possibly suggestion of the construction, logic or language layer.

  • Try to minimize the amount of text both in questions and answers. Short time spent on reading reduces the „fatigue effect” in the final stages of the survey.

  • Reduce the number of clicks you need. Consider whether a given question can not be constructed in a different way, more legible and friendly for the filler, eg using the type of cross or matrix question.

  • Ask questions clearly and easily.

  • If you have a question with a long list of multiple-choice answers, divide them into several shorter ones with fewer answers.

  • When the question or the introduction to the survey is long and can be unreadable, divide the text into few paragraphs.

  • Avoid abbreviations and phrases that could be not understood by the respondent. If the word may be incomprehensible, add the explanation in brackets.

  • Do not use graphics or low-quality images. Try to find those in higher resolution – your survey will look more professional.

  • Do not write BIG LETTERS or so-called wave (LikE ThIs).

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