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Pasting questions and answers from Word or Excel
Pasting questions and answers from Word or Excel
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Are you planning to create your own questionnaire project in Startquestion but are you worried that it will take a long time to enter all the questions?

We have the perfect solution for you that will allow you to enter questions and answers in express mode.

If you have prepared questions in Word or Excel format, all you need to do is copy the given content of the question with the answers and paste it in the appropriate place on our website. Below we show you step by step how to do it.

1. Go to the CREATE section and select the "Add a question or text" button:

2. Next, you will see a list of question types to choose from according to the type of question you want to enter.

3. Choose a multiple choice question, for example. The question you want to enter looks as follows:

4. Select the text for questions and answers, copy it and go to the "Paste questions and answers" button in creating the question

5. In place of the "Paste the text of the question and answer" field, paste the previously copied text.

6. As you can see on the right, there is a preview of your question and answer. If everything is correct, click the "Insert" button

7. The above content will be added in place of empty question and answer fields.

8. At the end, choose SAVE and you're all set :)


The above function can only be used for certain question types, such as:

  • single choice question

  • multiple choice question

  • single matrix question

  • multiple matrix question

  • open matrix question

  • form

  • dropdown list

  • drag and drop

  • ranking

  • allocation of points

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