This feature allows you to send an invitation to participate in the survey to your own database of respondents – people to whom we have an e-mail address (eg employees working in your company or to your business partners). Sending invitations from the tool makes it possible to monitor whether individual respondents have read the message, clicked on the link to the questionnaire or even filled out a questionnaire.

How can you send a questionnaire to your own list of respondents?

  1. Click Collect tab (1) and then: E-mail distribution (2).

You can add respondents for shipping in three ways:

  1. Importing your own list from a file saved on your computer’s hard drive.

  2. By entering individual addresses manually.

Distribution to the imported list of respondents

  • Click Import from file (1).

  • Then select the file (2) and enter the location of the contact list on your computer’s disk.


For the list to be properly imported, we recommend You to save it in .csv or .xlsx format. The first line should contain the label „E-mail” – the e-mail addresses of each of the respondents should be on a separate line – according to the given formula. Remember that next to e-mail addresses, the file can also contain any labels defining the respondent’s data. You can put each label in a separate column of the imported file. These labels, and the data assigned to them, will be automatically added to the contact list.

  • Click Add (3) to approve the list.

  • To cancel this step, click Cancel (4).

Continue distribution (Step 2).

Distribution after manually entering contacts

– Click Enter manually (1).

– Then in the form field (2), place a specific email address and confirm it by selecting Add (3).

– To finish entering contacts manually, click Finish (4).

Continue distribution – Step 2:

  1. If an address has been incorrectly added or you want to delete the respondent, click the trash can icon (1) next to it.

  2. To delete the entire list, click Delete All (2).

  3. The finished list can be saved on a computer disk in XLSX format (Export to XLSX – (4)) or CSV (Export to CSV (3)).

  4. Click „Configure mailing” to send the survey to your list of respondents.

5. Select the type of delivery in the form field (5) and click Next (6) or Back (7) to return to the previous menu.

6. Select all contacts (8), or from the list created previously select only those you need (9), then click Next (10), or Back (11) to return to the previous menu.

7. Your e-mail address (which you provided during account registration) will appear here (12). If you have integrated the system with your mail server, your address will also appear here.

8. In the form field (13) enter the subject of the email, while in place (14), edit the content of the invitation. By clicking HTML you can insert any mailing template, for example in your company’s branding. From the drop-down box you can also insert dynamic content (like individual information about the respondent) about which more we write in a different article.

9. Use the message template or leave it in field (15). In the content of the invitation, you can paste any HTML code of the mailing, eg a message prepared on the basis of a template that will make the visual identification of your company easier for respondents.

10. You can decide whether you want to send mail immediately or schedule a shipment for a specific date in the future (16).

11. If you want to save the message content and its title for future mailngs, select the appropriate field (17).

12. Click Send to forward created message.

Worth to remember

  • The monitoring of the collection of invitations and fillings of the questionnaire from these surveys is for demonstrative purposes. It can always happen that the respondent fills in the questionnaire after copying the link to the browser. However, for the measurement to be effective it is necessary to click on the link.

  • Each message will be accompanied by information about the source of the mailing.Each respondent will have the right to unsubscribe from subsequent mailings.

  • The ready list, downloaded to the computer’s disk, contains the respondent’s e-mail, its token and a link to the survey. There are also information about the current state of completing the questionnaire by individual respondents.

  • If you have the highest level of security set for your survey, links with tokens are valid for 90 days from the moment of mailing. However, you can reduce this period in the Survey Settings in the „Limit the period of token validity” option.

  • When you have planned for the future mailing reminders to respondents who have not yet completed the survey, the mailing will be sent only to those people who did not complete the survey at the time of the first mailing.

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