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Recurring reporting of survey results
Recurring reporting of survey results
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In the case of a large researches, notifying the email each time someone will complete the survey may lead to a huge inflow of such messages to your inbox. In this situation, a scheduled notification of the progress in the implementation of the study will be much better. Then all of the completions or collected results in the study will be sent to the e-mail address, or only those that have appeared since the last report.

An additional advantage of using scheduled reports is that you can report results to people who don’t have an account on the platform, but would like to monitor the progress of the survey.

How do you define a summary report?

  1. First, go to the Results tab.

  2. Then select the option „Scheduled reports”

  3. Next select „Create a new scheduled report”

After selecting this option, a menu regarding the settings of the cyclical report will appear.

At the beginning, select the format and type of file in which you want to receive a report on the results of the study (xlsx, csv, docx, pdf, spss)

Next, you can choose the frequency with which the cyclical report will be sent to recipients:

-every day.

-every week.

-every month.

In the next part, indicate the recipients of the recurring report. If you want to indicate more than one person, separate the e-mail address with a comma.

After entering the e-mail addresses of the report recipients, you can save the report. It will appear in the recurring reports view.

By creating a cyclical report and selecting advanced settings, you also have the option of setting whether the report should contain all fillings (finished and unfinished) or only completed ones (finished only).

In addition, it is possible to select the time of receiving such a report and to filter the results by previously created filters.

The last option in the advanced settings is the option to select when to end sending the cyclical report.

It is also possible to edit the content of the message that will be sent to the recipients of the report. To edit the content itself, go to Edit text.

The message editor looks like this:

Worth to remember:

  • You can integrate the site with your own e-mail account so that reports are sent from your domain,

  • Recurring reports are only available in the Enterprise and VIP packages, please contact with our Consultant:

  • If you want to receive only those completions which meet certain criteria, first create a filter and then create a report based on the saved filter.

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